Out with the gold... In with the New

Start Spring on a high note with Smacked Shop’s latest Gold Vaporizer now available through The Smacked Stash!  Smacked Shop’s beloved Gold Kit bulked up over the winter and got fabulous for Spring! Our thicker, sleeker vape pen features a ceramic coil, a larger cartridge made of glass, and doesn’t have a pesky logo to blow up your spot!

New gold kits feature:

  • A larger battery with no logo! Perfect for surreptitious smoke sessions.
  • A glass and metal cartridge to better hold oil. It's recyclable too!
  • A ceramic coil to provide stronger puffs and a safer smoking apparatus.
  • The cartridge is larger! More of that good stuff for the same price!

NOTE: You will need the new Battery and USB Charger to use the new gold cartridges. 


Gold Kit Upgrade - 500mg

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One Gold Cartridge - 500mg

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10 Gold Cartridges - 500mg

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Welcome to The Smacked Stash!

The deals below showcase our 'Members Only' prices on black (250mg) and gold (500mg) cartridges. If you're not ready to commit to a plan, keep scrolling for a-la-carte options, where you can purchase batteries and cartridges individually. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us HERE!

1 Cartridge - Every Month



1 Gold Cartridge - Every Month


5 Cartridges - Every Month



5 Gold Cartridges - Every Month


10 Cartridges - Every Month



10 Gold Cartridges - Every Month


Not ready to commit?

The Stash is happy to offer you goodies a-la-carte! This means you won't have the goods conveniently shipped directly to you every month, but it will give you a taste of what The Stash has to offer...

*Please remember if this is your first time buying, you must purchase a cartridge AND a battery. Cartridges are useless without a battery. If you already own a battery you only have to purchase the cartridge. You can order this a-la-carte goodie as many times as you want and however much you want!


BLACK Carts.jpg

1 Black Cartridge - 250mg

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Battery Kit - A La Carte

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BLACK Carts.jpg

10 Black Cartridges - 250mg

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