Not all shirts are created equal

Itchy, scratchy shirts...? Prints that feel like plastic and break down in the wash...? We're not about that, and you shouldn't be either.

Here in the shop, we only use the finest quality, 100 percent cotton tees and premium inks, mixed and printed to perfection! The designs are carefully crafted by the some of the most enterprising artists in the country. Our shirts are so soft and comfortable, you'll wonder what the heck you've been wearing this whole time. Go ahead... Get Smacked.

Old Man Phones

We all know him... he's that guy, you don't know his name, he's just 'that guy'... A true O.G. holding it down on the front of this white tee.

We printed this tee using ultra thinned down ink, that feels oh-so-good. Couldn't decide which color to print, so we used both!

We put shit on a shirt

Looking to turn a few heads? We put some poo on a shirt that's sure to get you noticed! This shirt was printed using a puff technique, making this all the more gross. Just be thankful this isn't scratch and sniff...

What A Mystery

Can't decide on what to wear? We hate that problem! With mystery shirts for only $13, let Smacked Shop choose your next outfit! Just select your size, and we will send you a random tee from our collection. With free United States shipping, our most comfortable shirts just got even better!

Make a statement!

Whether you hate your job or just want to give it up... Make a statement with these unique tees from our vault! These shirts are printed with thinned inks, so they have a custom vintage look and feel that won't break down in the wash. After we were done tagging the the town, we had enough paint left to stencil a few shirts!