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This past year was crazy! And we know everyone is feeling it...


We hope that we helped make your year a little brighter. The Candy is here to stay, and we'll be rolling out more of it in the weeks to come.

Starting every Friday, if you purchase 2 Silver or 1 Gold Cartridge, you'll receive a candy from our random selection for FREE!

The United States Postal Service has been super delayed. They're hustling as fast as they can to get your packages to you. But they are hurting from COVID, and the holiday rush. If your package is running late, please give it a day or two to start moving. Some packages might show up without many tracking updates. If you need your goods by a certain day, please order a few days, or weeks ahead. We really appreciate everyones patience and understanding.

If you need anything, please send us an email, write us a letter, or hit us up on the chat! Even if it is something small, we love hearing from our Members!


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